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Social Responsibility Policy

Midland as a caring bank acknowledges the contributions and supports from its valued customers and in return ensures that the communities and societies it operates in benefit immensely from its fraternal and philanthropic gestures and services. As a good corporate entity, Midland has religiously discharged its Corporate Social Responsibility to contribute meaningfully to the development of society.

It has therefore undertaken many well timed social interventions to assist the needy, the vulnerable and the deprived in Ghana and beyond. We diligently contribute to the development and sustenance of the environment and community at large.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) posture and activities reflect in:

  • The Social Responsibility Objectives well set out in our Strategic Plan
  • Midland’s visibility in social responsibility activity circles in the media and among other Financial Institutions;
  • Midland’s direct distress mitigating activities within communities in which it does business;
  • Midland’s long term view to attain the desired growth through corporate social responsibility activities

Our Philosophy

Midland believes that the continued trust and patronage of the people within the community in which Midland operates has contributed to our exponential growth and profitability. We consider the communities in which we operate as assets that are worth investing in and nurturing, since they form the predominant part of our clientele base and hence our revenue base, profitability and sustenance. Midland’s contribution in these areas is to ensure the delivery of quality banking services tailored to the need of our clients. We believe in upholding community development projects that would allow Midland to play a meaningful role in our operating communities. Midland holds the belief that its business strives on a platform of strong interdependence with its operating communities.

In this regard, our areas of focus have always been, but not limited to the promotion of;

  • Training, Education and Development
  • Health and Sanitation
  • Agronomy

Our Approach

Our sponsorship support goes to several bodies such as:

StandPoint To address social vices such as drug abuse, rape, teenage pregnancy. A sponsorship which goes further to promote women and children empowerment, disease awareness including AIDS, Breast Cancer, Cholera, Malaria, etc.
Ghana Trade Fair To promote local businesses and products
MUSIGHA To promote talent identification development of talents within the Ghanaian music industry
Wellness and Fitness Lifestyle Expo To promote healthy lifestyles through keep-fit activities and many more.


All these give attestation of our commitment to our values and objectives. Midland’s interventions in the life of the needy are typical social responsibility that seeks to give hope to the unfortunate and relieve some of the huge tasks the government had to deal with in providing social safety nets. Our immense support to the farming community in providing banking and financial literacy education and training, and agronomic savvy, buttresses our claim to uplift the functional literacy levels of distressed communities both within and out of our catchment areas.

Midland Savings and Loans Limited shall continue to be a compassionate organization and shall endeavor to contribute to the general national economic growth with relentless effort to support the needy, deprived and vulnerable in society.

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Our Sponsorship Support

  • StandPoint
  • Ghana Trade Fair
    Ghana Trade Fair