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Individual & Joint Account Opening Form

Please download the form here>> DOWNLOAD
NOTE: Make sure you have

  • A valid ID (driver’s license, passport, voters ID)
  • 2 passport size pictures
  • Proof of residential address (Utility bill)
  • Letter of introduction from an employer (Optional)
  • Minimum deposit of GHC 5

Company Account Opening Form

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NOTE: Below the requirements for opening a company account

(Sole Proprietorship)

  • Certificate of registration of business name
  • Form A/B details of owner
  • Current registration receipt
  • Sole proprietorship mandate form


  • Form A incorporation of partnership
  • Form B change of particulars if any
  • Form C annual renewal of registration
  • Partnership agreement
  • Mandate form 1385 (1)
  • Current registration receipt


  • List of officers
  • Constitution or rules
  • Mandate form 1385 (4)

(Limited liability Company)

  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Certificate to commencement of business
  • Regulation/Memorandum of Association
  • Form 17, particulars of change if any
  • Mandate form 1385 (8)


  • Certificate of registration from the ministry of education required in addition to the normal mandate
  • Requirement for sole proprietorship/partnership/limited liability companies/societies.

(State Corporation/ Government Agencies)

  • Instrument of incorporation
  • Letter of consent
  • Mandate form 1385 (4)

(External Companies)

  • Article of association
  • Power of attorney
  • Confirmation letter from registrar of external companies
  • Bank mandate form 1385 (4)
  • Bank mandate form 192

Logistics Driver Application Form

Please download the form here>> DOWNLOAD

Requirement for accessing this loan:

  • Customer (driver) should do a police check.
  • Customer (driver) should do a medical report.
  • Tenancy agreement.
  • Utility bill.
  • Driver’s license.
  • 1 guarantor.
  • Close relative to take up the role of an initial concern.
  • Driver should be a member of GPRTU and AMA union member.

Online Banking Application Form

Please download the form here>> DOWNLOAD


  • Customer should have the MTCN (control number) or code.
  • The customer should have the test question and answer.
  • Receiver’s valid national ID card (passport, voters ID or driver’s license).
  • Sender’s country of origin.
  • Receiver’s address.
  • Receiver and Sender’s telephone number.